To stream or not to stream video – that is the question we should ask ourselves today!

During the last crazy corona week I have followed a large number of facebook groups from different countries, and I would like to share a couple of reflections on that.

Teachers seem to have a lot of problems with livestreams of video and bandwidth, and Im not surprised, not at all.

Is it really that crucial to see each other online in realtime? Maybe we should ask the part of our population that are blind or have difficulties to see? And how do you think it works for our colleagues in eg. Africa who has to deal with an average bandwidth speed of about 3 mb/s?

Im not an expert in this area, but I do know quit a lot about media pedagogy and smart and simple ways to produce and distribute audiovisual learning material of high quality. Accessibility quality, Media pedagogic quality, and Engaging quality.

I recommend you to spend more time on producing short video lessons for the students to watch before you meet them online. Skip video in your live-lessons, audio has to be enough for a class discussion about the video-lesson they already watched.

I think we all have to use streamed video more carefully, it’s not sustainable and probably not even needed as much as we think it is.

Here is a related blog post I wrote about one year ago after a workshop I had with teachers from several African Universities.

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