Flipped Streaming

Flipped Classroom is a well-known e-learning concept that is largely based on the fact that a certain part of regular classroom teaching is conducted online and at a distance. Streamed videos are common of this type of digital education.

“Flipped Streaming” is my comment to all the increased streaming in education we are seeing now, as a result of the Corona situation.

I have followed several “digital learning groups” from different countries, and one issue that is constantly recurring is accessibility, bandwidth, streaming, and access to computers.

Unfortunately, this with streaming often invites you to create something that I sometimes call “fastfood-learning-materials”. Not seldom long and “heavy” video lectures. Students are dependent on the available bandwidth speed and the digital tools that they happen to have access to, or the tools for which the material is adapted, usually computers of various kinds.

Video and streaming should be used with care and when its appropriate. Everything may not have to be video, and if it is to be video why not take this opportunity and take advantage of the benefits of the video format. Short and more carefully planned videos for download and use offline, and adapted for viewing on standard smartphones. All for a more accessible, media pedagogical and engaging digital and audiovisual distance education.

Flipped Streaming: An e-learning concept that is based on the fact that a certain part of digital education can be downloaded for use offline on standard smartphones, and that streaming is mainly used for conversations, discussions, labs, tests and exams.”

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