Is it free?

Are there any free video editing programs?
It is a common question I often get.; but why should pedagogic tools for digital teaching be free?

If Schools and Universities are serious about digitizing parts of their education, they must also provide their teachers with the proper tools.

I often say that a decent video editing software is for digital education what PowerPoint has been for classroom teaching.


The Office suite is not free …

Sure there are free apps for video editing, but they are usually not as user-friendly, or pedagogic, as the apps you have to pay for. There is a big difference to just cut “holiday-videos” in a simple, and free, app like iMovie, compared to creating digital learning material in Camtasia, a program created especially considering digital education and communication.

Please use free apps if you like, but I really recommend you to compare them with a better alternative. Download and try Camtasia for free during 30-days.

Screen recording and video editing apps that costs:

Camtasia (Mac / Pc)

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac / PC)

Free apps for screen recording and video editing:

Shotcut (Mac / Pc)

Screencastomatic (Mac / Pc)

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